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Daycare Services

Playtime Pup Ranch offers several services for your dog. A safe, fun place for your dog to play. Cage-free dog daycare and grooming services available 6 days a week.

Whether your dog needs to burn off a little energy or relaxing environment, Playtime Pup Ranch has over 5,000 square feet to meet your needs of a safe environment. 


Registration Requirements:

For the safety of all dogs, they will need to be evaluated for pack behavior before being accepted into play or boarding.  The evaluation takes 5 hours. Schedule your FREE evaluation anytime between 10am and 12pm.
Puppies :
 Yes we do accept pups at 16 weeks old!  this give them plenty of time to receive all their vaccines that they need  for daycare 
un altered pups are okay to come play until they reach 8 months old 



Our cage free overnight boarding is like a slumber party for your dog with a team member spending the night with your pup in a room full of their friends. If you dog has trouble self-regulating, we also have an option for your pup to rest in a crate overnight.

We require your dog to come in for 2 to 3 days of play if your dog hasn't boarded or played with us in over 3 months.  Dog's need time to reacclimate to a new environment so they don't get nervous or ill and are safely reintroduced to new friends. 

Reservations are required to board. we require  48 hour notice or deposit is forfeited. Deposits are equivalent to one nights stay. - During holidays we require 72 hour notice to allow us to fill the spot. - Major holidays were closed so there is no pick up or drop off. -Sunday 8am - 5pm pick ups are allowed.

Check in time is 8AM to 2PM .  Check out time is 12PM. 

Required Current Vaccinations:
*Flu (recommended)
*Dogs 6 months and older need to be spayed or neutered 
*Dogs must be on seasonal flea and yearly heart worm medication 






Grooming Services

Grooming Services Available at Playtime Pup Ranch

Request any of our grooming services when you drop your dog off for daycare. Your dog will spend the day socializing in the daycare group and will receive their grooming before you pick them up.

If you just need your dog to be groomed, please call us. We also require a copy of your dog’s current vaccinations to perform any walk-in services.

*Prices vary per dog




*Nails | Clip and Grind

*Bath Pack: Bath, Nails, Ears, anal glands and Brushing


*Teeth Brushing

*Ear Cleaning

Dog Haircut
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