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Registration Requirements:

-Required vaccines submitted and up to date

-Paw Partner account is active

-Your pup has passed their FREE assessment

-Dogs 8 months or older are required to be spayed/neutered 

Required Vaccinations:
-Flu (recommended) 

-Dogs must be on seasonal flea and yearly heart worm medication

Setting up your Paw Partner account:

Start setting up your account by using the green registration link below. Input your information and then your pups. You will be able to search for businesses and you can look for Playtime Pup Ranch. At this point your account is ready to create reservations. Click on "Make Reservation" and you can choose from Boarding, Daycare, or Training. Your first reservation will actually be under training and you are looking for the Free Assessment tab. Choose your desired date on the calendar and choose from any open time slots. Once your pup has passed their evaluation you can start making any type of reservation you may want! 

Go to to register


Assessment process and info:

pp flyer 1.PNG

Your pups assessment will take around 1.5 Hours to complete.

We like to take the process slow to ensure we acclimate your dog to the new space as safe as possible. The process starts when you drop off your dog, we will bring them to our assessment zone and typically have a human hangout in zone with them for 15-20 minutes and warm them up to the new area. After we feel they have adjusted we begin with escorting a low energy daycare dog into zone with them and monitoring initial greetings/sniffs. If all goes well and we like the way they say hello we will then escort a couple more dogs with moderate energy levels into the zone with them and monitor greetings/play to ensure everyone involved is safe and happy. At this point if your dog is still enjoying their stay we will continue to moderate play/hangout and discern whether or not they are ready for the actual daycare play zones. If we decide they are ready you will receive a call from us letting you know how things went and giving you the password to our pup cams so you can watch your pup on their first day. Our free assessments come with 5 hours of daycare (time starts after initial drop-off)  assuming your pup has passed and is having a good time. If they are really enjoying their stay they are more than welcome to play all day but after the 5 free hours we do charge $28 for a half day of daycare.

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